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The "Muskaan" 3 Square Candles Bundle is a great buy for everyone. It is a great gift for any occasion, be it a birthday or a special moment. Say it with these beautiful colorful candles. These candles can be placed in several ways. You can place them together in a formation or even place them at different corners or the center table...

Rs. 559.00

One of our most important sense is the sense of Smell. It is this smell that helps us to stay positive and happy. Aroma therapy is a form of therapy where the rejuvenation of the of sense of smell is done and it has been surprisingly successful.  Now, imagine setting up a Aroma Spa in the closed comfort of your home. Yes it  is...

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Rs. 239.00

 The Muskaan Cairo Bundle reminds one of the great pyramids of Egypt. These candles (large and small) are inspired by these Pyramids of Egypt. The shape of these candles is so unique and eye catching that they will surely be seen and heard from whereever they are placed. The vibrancy of the colors adds to the richness of look and...

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Rs. 559.00

The "Muskaan Firkin Trio Bundle" is a bundle with of 2 different sizes of cylindrical candles. There is one big and 2 smaller size candles. These candles help you to create an arrangement that will give sense of space and depth. Image the bigger candle in the centre and the small slimmer candles on each side like the 2 guardian angels. We...

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Rs. 209.00

The "Muskaan Floating Trinity Bundle" is a set of 3 packs of floating candles totalling up to 6 candles. These are small yet elegant candles. They can be arranged in a water body with some petals of rose to add to the aroma. We seek you help to support the noble cause championed by Muskaan for the last 32 years by buying...

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Rs. 949.00

The Muskaan Hogshead Ternary Bundle is a set of 3 large cylindrical candles.  Imagine your kitty party dinner is scheduled for this Friday and you are looking for bright ideas to do up your Lounge and the Corner Table. Check out the Muskaan Hogshead Ternary Bundle which will add color and vibrancy to your setting. The candles are long lasting so will last you many...

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Rs. 339.00

The Kufu Pyramid or the Pyramid of Giza is one the largest Pyramids in the world. As we are offering the large Flat Top Pyramids in this bundles, we aptly named it after this great monument. Let the majestic glow of the candles of the "Muskaan Kufu Pyramid Bundle" shed their light and blessings on your home. See the love...

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Rs. 419.00

The "Muskaan Normal Candle Bundles" consisting of 3 sets of 10 candles is a great buy for all special occasions. It can be used on a daily basis in your place of worship and also be put on the boundary wall or balcony railing. The high quality wax ensures long burn time. Of the 3 sets, one set of candles have a base and...

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Rs. 319.00

The "Muskaan Sextet Bundle" is a great way of buying spherical candles in volume. The bundles consists of 6 candles of same size and mix of colors. When you buy the "Muskaan Sextet Bundle", you get a choice of candles for your home. Place these candles in various arrangements and bring smile to the faces of your family members and guests alike  We seek you...

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Rs. 379.00

The "Muskaan Square Circles Bundle" is a geometrically selected bundle consisting of the basic shapes - Circle and Square. Arrange these candles and image the brightness they will add to your  living room. Let the world shine and you can bask in it's glory. Enhance the beauty of your home by using this bundle.  We seek you help to support the noble cause...

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Rs. 599.00

The "Muskaan Square Pyramids Bundle" is a cool bundle combining squares with pyramids. The large square cubical candle adds stability and solidness to the stack. The 3 small flat pyramid candles are the icing on the cake. Arrange them in create ways. Either place all of them together in one place or spread them at different corners of the room.  We seek you...

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Rs. 549.00

The "Muskaan Square Trilogy"  is a great bundle of 1 large cube  shaped candle and 2 large tower shaped candles. This bundles is an ideal gifting idea for your near and dear ones. The bright colors will add light and shine to the corner they are placed in. These candles can be put up many ways.  With the large Cuboid Candle in the...

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Rs. 259.00

The "Muskaan Tetrad Bundle" is a bundle with of 2 different sizes of spherical candles. The combination of the sizes makes the arrangement options open. You can arrange all of them together in on place with the large size candle in the center and the smaller size candles around it. There are many ways to arrange them, the choice is open. These candles will...

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Rs. 359.00

The "Muskaan The Three Musketeers Bundle" is an ideal bundles for your regular use. The candles are 6" inches tall. The multiplicity of colors ensures that there is always a candles to match your  home decor. Be it your living room or the bed room, or even the prayer room, these candles will glow long and bright and will add to...

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Rs. 289.00

Imagine the smile on her face when you gift her this candle triune for her living room. The "Muskaan Towering Triune" bundle consists of 3 candles of 2 types.  This is a good buy and a great gift for almost any occasion. Like they say, "Say it with color". Arranging these candles is fun. Any sequence, any patterns, these candles will keep shining long and bright and...

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Rs. 129.00

The "Muskaan Trinitarian Bundle" is an ideal bundles for your regular use. Small Flat Pyramid Candles will enhance the visual delight of your living spaces. The small candles will add color and vivacity to your living room. Image all the attention you will get with these beautiful small candles. Very reasonably priced, the "Muskaan Trinitarian Bundle" is the the right choice for a smart buyer like you. ...

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